Programming Hardware  
We need a kind of hardware or we can say a signal converter to transfer the data to the controller's flash memory.

we can use either serial or parallel port from our standard PC to transfer hex data onto flash by means of programmer hardware.

Parallel port programmer -

Software -
We'll use Asim's ISP loader software program as our burner software.
Check out this software here

Using ASIM's ISP loader

Note- before start using this parallel port programmer one thing is very important download inpout32.dll file here ; and place this file inside yourr system32 directory under C:/windows. This is essential to enable parallel port communication in windows XP.

>> Press open button to load the desired hex file from your drive.

>> Press Read button to verify your programmer working or not.

>> Press 'write' button to write hex file to internal flash memory.

>> If all the things go well...this will appear...

This is all about making your own Parallel port programmer, Now one thing if you dont have LPT port on your computer. Mail me i will send you details of how to make your own serial programmer for AT89Sxx.
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