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Introduction to ARM7 Architecture  an introduction to basics of ARM architecture, history & basics of 32 bit programming.

Getting ARM Hardware  a discussion on various available choices for beginners...

Software tools for ARM7 Development compiler, burner to start with.

LPC21xx Hello World !!!  Learn Input Output basics, LED blinking

LPC21xx Analog to Digital converter  enable your application to talk analog :)

LPC21xx Serial peripheral interface  be in sync...with the master

LPC21xx 74HC595 interface over SPI  serial in parallel out

LPC21xx UART programming & interfacing  now try Asynchronous...

LPC21xx alphanumeric LCD interfacing  let your application speakup...

ARM7 + FreeRTOS 

RTOS basics  Go RealTime!!!

Using FreeRTOS  include freeRTOS library in your application

A simple application to demonstrate RTOS Tasks working  a bidirectional led pattern program just to demostrate working of tasks running in application and switching between them. Learn how to create tasks in FreeRTOS.

RMS (rate monotonic scheduling) using FreeRTOS + LPC21xx  introduction to RMS and its implementation on lpc2148 using freeRTOS.

Producer Consumer problem using Semaphores in freeRTOS  introduction to producer consumer problem in OS and demonstration of it using lpc21xx + freeRTOS

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