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ARM7 Hardware design/ Boards

This page gives you information about making your own ARM Development Hardware and Some links are provided in case you want to buy (in india) a 'ready to use kit'.

Links to Schematics and DIY Development Boards

Keil mcb2140 evaluation kit schematic Its a kind of standard development board for LPC214x experiments.

Keil mcb2140 evaluation kit user manual

A prototype board for LPC2148 by Olimax  Schematic

A Proto board at ScienceProg

Another reference design at

A really cool ARM7 LPC2148 board by NGX technologies, Bangalore, they call it the BlueBoard LPC21xx recommended for learners/beginners Link to NGX Blueboard Schematic

Another board by Robokits India not recommended for Learners may use for Robotics application

By nex-robotics Mumbai  Good for beginners + Cost is OK

LPC21xx Board by rhydoLabz, Coachin India  (Good for beginners++) (Cost is Somewhat Higher--)

LPC2148 Board by NSK Electronics, SP Road, Bangalore  Good for beginners + Cost is OK

LPC2138 Board by Embedded Market, Pune They call it Janta Kit (for common people, Low Price)  very basic not much on-board peripherals hence Cost is reduced