BodyCom Technology by Microchip for Embedded Security & Authentication

Microchip’s BodyCom™ Technology is a short-range, low-data-rate communication solution for securely connecting to a wide range of wireless applications. Activated by capacitively coupling to the human body, the system communicates bidirectionally between a centralized controller and one or more wireless mobile units. Intra-body communication occurs utilizing the human body as the transmission medium.

Compared to other existing wireless technologies BodyCom offers lower active and standby energy usage, increases security through bidirectional authentication , provides a secure communication channel using the human body and allows for simpler circuit-level designs.



BodyCom™ Benefits

  • Simpler Implementation
    • No RF antenna design necessary
    • Low-frequency design using common microcontroller and AFE frequencies (125 kHz / 8 MHz), no external crystals needed
    • Complies with FCC Part 15-B, Radiated Emissions
    • Lower overall BOM, compared to existing technologies
  • Lower Power Consumption
    • No wireless transceiver required for two-way communication
    • Not using high-power inductive fields
  • More Secure Communication Channel
    • Provides bidirectional authentication through the human body
    • Prevents the “Relay Attack” problem typical in PKE solutions
  • Supports Advanced Encryption Solutions