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ADC Interfacing Tutorial for LPC21xx – ARM7

Reference : Document UM10139 Chapter 19

To learn, How to enable & use the inbuilt ADC module of LPC21xx ??? Display the current digital value of analog signal on channel 3 of ADC0 onto an alphanumeric LCD.


  • LPC2148 has two inbuilt ADC modules, ADC0 & ADC1.
  • Each ADC is of 10 bit resolution, using Successive approximation conversion technique.
  • ADC0 has 6 channels and ADC1 has 8 channels. (14 analog Channels)
  • Supports maximum clock at 4.5 MHz.
  • Lots of registers are there associated to ADC, but i am going to tell you only important ones here, any time you can refer UM10139, chapter 19 for more details of ADC’s special function registers.
  • The register we must know about is, ADC Control register (AD0CR or AD1CR) & ADGDR (ADC Global data register)


    Go through all the bit description above, see how many opearating modes are there, How to configure the clock to ADC.


    Look carefully to bits 6:15 and 31 of ADGDR register. 

    Code snippet from adc.c 

    Download fully commented source code below.


    DOWNLOAD ADC interface project