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How to recover the Unallocated space on Your SD card due to Raspberry Pi OS

When you install Raspberry Pi OS Image onto your SD card, it allocates the storage as per its requirement on the card and leaves the rest of the memory unallocated. So when you want to use the card for normal storage purposes, it shows storage capacity much less than the actual value, because major part of the SD card is unallocated memory. It happened to me when i loaded the Raspbian Wheezy onto my 16 GB SD card and ran it successfully but when i formatted my card to use it for normal storage for my Camera. It was showing memory capacity as 56 MB instead of regular 14.8 GB. If you encounter same sort of problem, no need to worry, here is a quick solution.

To get your memory back as normal storage do the following steps in Windows7.

  1. Press Windows-R and type DiskPart in the ‘Open’ box.
  2. This will bring up a DOS box with DiskPart running in it.
  3. Type ‘list disk’ and look for the disk that resembles your SD card. (For this tutorial, we’ll assume it’s Disk 1)
  4. Type ‘select disk 1′
  6. Type ‘clean’. This resets the disk.
  7. Type ‘create partition primary’
  8. Type ‘exit’ to quit.