A screen shot of Circuit Simulation using Docircuits.com

DoCircuits : Turn your Web Browser into Prototyping Desk

As an electronics makers we always wish to have the most updated lab with us. But we all are aware of the fact that, having a sophisticated modern lab with a DSO and Expensive Function generator is an expensive thought. Simulation is an obvious answer to this need, Lots of simulation software are around with some like Proteus are really very helpful. But what if we get a feeling of playing with simulated components that looks similar to real components, with things like Color bands on Resistor and similar,surely it will be much more intuitive learning experience.

Engineers and designers at Sparsha Learning Technologies have tried something similar and came up with their Web based circuit simulation tool hosted at docircuits.com. Its not a just another circuit simulation tool because its more detailed and intuitive to use, most beautiful thing about docircuits is that its a web based simulation tool, so all you need is a web browser with flash plugin. This tool features Virtual instruments like Dual Channel Oscilloscope and Function generator. Standard power sources and Logic probes are also provided. Each of the component, tools and Sources are user configurable.

A screen shot of Circuit Simulation using Docircuits.com, Just notice the amount of detail


You can also save the simulation results and circuit for further analysis. Instructors can use this tool to explain the working of electronic circuits while students can learn in their own way by placing things here and there without worrying about a short circuit :).

Right now it supports many analog and digital blocks to perform basic circuit simulations, wish to see more features like 555 Timer, Counters, PLL blocks in near future. Still the current version is very useful to learn electronics on screen and test it out with real bits and pieces.

References : http://docircuits.com