ST Microelectronics launches STM32 Nucleo Series

To expand the reach of its STM32 mcu family ST microelectronics have come up with an extensible and affordable prototyping platform called STM32 Nucleo series. Right now STM32 Nucleo are available in 4 different variety featuring F4, F3, F0 and L1 series of STM32 mcu’s.


Arduino and mbed enabled development board featuring STM32 MCUs

Arduino and mbed enabled development board featuring STM32 MCUs

The new STM32 Nucleo boards are mbed-enabled, and support Arduino connectivity while also providing ST Morpho extension headers that allow access to all of the microcontroller’s on-chip peripherals. As an mbed-enabled board, developers can make use of the mbed open source software platform, online tools and collaboration infrastructure at The board’s Arduino headers accept shields from the extensive Arduino ecosystem, allowing developers to add specialized functionality quickly and easily. ST will also offer its own dedicated shields supporting functions such as Bluetooth® LE or Wi-Fi® connectivity, GPS, audio recording leveraging the Company’s MEMS microphone expertise, proximity sensing, and wireless control.

Full STM32 Nucleo support for the STM32 family allows agile development with fine-tuning of both hardware and software on-the-fly at each prototyping stage. Customers’ investment in application shields is also protected, as any shield can be re-used with any STM32 Nucleo board and across various projects.

Nucleo Series by ST Micro

“STM32 Nucleo is the ideal platform for today’s embedded developers because it delivers an unrivaled combination of affordability, ease of use, flexibility, connectivity, and compatibility with popular tools and resources,” said Michel Buffa, General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “STM32 Nucleo also provides extra flexibility for developers to re-target designs and re-use hardware and software IP across multiple projects, leveraging the diversity and scalability of the STM32 family.”

The mbed Compiler provides a free online IDE that is powered by the ARM professional C/C++ compiler, pre-configured and tested to generate efficient code.

STM32 Nucleo F401 support Page at 

While the Arduino headers give access to the popular development environment. These boards are supported by wide choice of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including IAR, Keil, GCC-based IDEs

Cheaper than original Arduino UNO Rev3 and any of the mbed boards, it’s an ideal development board to experiment with mbed, arduino combined with power of arm-cortex-mx core.

NUCLEO-F103RB  - $10.32  / ~Indian Rs. 650

NUCLEO-F401RE – $10.32

NUCLEO-F030R8 – $10.12

NUCLEO-L152RE – $10.32

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 Arduino Pin mapping and Header Connections

ST-Nucleo-F103RB-Arduino_Pin MAP