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Willar SP200Se Programmer

Know How : Using Wilar SP200S Enhanced Device Programmer


Willar SP200Se Programmer

Willar SP200Se Programmer

I recently grabbed one SP200SE device programmer from an online vendor and was amazed to explore the rich features of this module with such a low price tag. This module costs less than Rs. 800 and supports some of the most popular family of MCUs like 8051, 8052, MegaAVR and TinyAVR. All in all it can program 200+ different device including MCUs and Serial EEPROM. After exploring the programmer for a while, I decided to write a Know-How article to use this device programmer.

Overall it’s simple to use with the WLPro programmer software. But there a few tricks that one must learn to use this device programmer efficiently. Unfortunately WLPro software is available only for Window based systems. Let’s do a step by step run through of using SP200SE Device Programmer on Windows based PC.


  • Easy to Use
  • USB Interface to PC
  • Easy to use and Intuitive Software GUI
  • Supports 8051/52/MegaAVR/TinyAVR/ EEPROM
  • ZIF Socket
  • Small size
  • Low Cost

Step – 1 Install USB-TTL Chip Drivers on your Computer

SP200SE has this chip called CH340T to have USB interface. CH340T converts USB data into TTL serial data stream. One must install CH340T drivers to use SP200SE.

Download CH340T drivers here

Install these drivers and make sure after installing the driver you have a COM Port listed on your device manager. May be something like COM13, COM2 etc. If it is not listed in device manager try restarting your operating system.

If your COM Port number is in 2 digits i.e. 10, 12, 13….your SP200SE will not work as it needs a single digit name of com port number. So its time to change your com port number to single digit.

Step – 2 Convert COM PORT number to Single Digit, If not already in single digit.

Go to Device Manager-> Ports [COM & LPT]

Go to Device Manager-> Ports [COM & LPT]


Change Port number to Single Digit in Advanced Settings

Change Port number to Single Digit in Advanced Settings

Once port number is in single digit, you are all set to use SP200SE to program your MCU/ EEPROM.

Step -3 Install WLPro Programmer Software

 Download WLPro V220 here

Download and Install WLPro, Once it is installed check if the WLPro software detects the SP200SE Hardware.

Choose SP200S Enhanced Programmer, Green DOT must be ON to use device Programmer

Choose SP200S Enhanced Programmer, Green DOT must be ON to use device Programmer

Step – 4 Choose Device and Program/ Verify/ Read/ Protect etc.


SP200SE is super easy to use and very useful tool at a very low cost. A Must have for all serious hobbyists and embedded system designers.

For any queries related to SP200SE Device Programmer, use the comment section below. I hope this article helps you to learn something new.

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