Creating MAKE File...  

We are going to write all the program with compiler under consideration as WinAVR - gcc.

While working with avr-gcc MAKE file is very important, MAKE file is a file which helps us to make our code more compatible to other devices of same family.

Make file contains all the data in parametric form for some specific device and system around it. It defines what is the clock rate, which device are you using?, what kind of programming hardware you will use? what kind of simulator will you use? etc. So knowledge of MAKE File is a must.

Steps in making of a MAKE file

1. Choose MCU type as ATmega16 or anything you will use.

2. Choose programmer as Ponyser or anything you are going to use to transfer hex file onto controller. If you are using USBasp you wont find option in MAKE file you need to write programmer as 'USBasp' in the MAKE file.

3. Choose programming port as com1 if you rae using serial programmer, lpt1 if using Parallel port programmer and USB if you are using USB programmer.

4. By default the F_CPU or master oscillator frequency is set to 8MHz. Make it 1 MHz if you are going to use the internal RC oscillator, or change it according to your crystal value.
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