Basic Connections   
Minimum Working Hardware

First of all we need to learn about the very basic connection required to make an AVR system work.

1. Of course we need a Power Supply to give food (power) from which our system runs. Almost all of the members of AVR family runs on a regulated power supply of +5V.

2. Secondly we need a master clock generator to provide clock to our system. One can connect external oscillator to run the system but if you are a beginner doing bread boarding to learn in the process, i suggest you to go for Internal Oscillator of AVR. Yes !!!! AVR family microcontroller has one internal RC oscillator to provide master clock to the system. Internal Oscillator must be disabled when using external oscillator.

3. Now we need our microcontroller to start executing its program right from the beginning when it is powered ON initially. But you need no worry as AVR has internal power ON reset circuitry.

4. The biggest reason of AVR popularity all over world is that it has very rich on chip features and available tools are very easy to use and free too. It also has a very powerful architecture.

5. Now in programming hardware part, here you dont need any commercial programmer available in market. You can make one very easily at home only.

6. Assemble all the components according to the schematic given below, and now you are ready to enter inside the magical world of AVR programming and development. Where things are in limit only because of limits of your creativity.
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