Projects Using WinAVR  

Here is the video of whole process of building MAKE file and using programmers note pad.

The process of building projects using WinAVR is almost same as any other embedded software development IDE. It has one advantage that it can be used to program the target device from the compiler IDE itself.

Basically when we build any project using WinAVR, backstage process is something totally different. Actually WinAVR is the windows version of AVR-gcc combined with avr-dude to transfer program into the target device.

So whenever you build a project on WinAVR its avr-gcc and avr-dude that work in back ground.

Step1 - Enter your 'C' source code in the space given as new file.

Step2 - Save this file as main.c (dont forget .c extension) inside the same folder in which the MAKE file for the same project is already present.

Step3 - Now goto Menu bar tools->Make Clean. This will clean all previously created temp files.

Step4 - Now goto Menu bar tools->Make All. This will intel hex file for project as well as simulator files the most important step.

If all goes fine the output window will look like

Step5 - Now if your programming hardware is connected to target device its time to program the device. by tools->Make Program

if all connections and MAKE file settings are alright the output window will look like this after programming

Now you are done, you can see your AVR executing the code.
Best viewed at Firefox 1024x768 resolution