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We design electronics hardware on a regular basis. Many times we fabricate PCBs for some project or Product in a large Quantity (like 100+). We always have some of those PCBs remaining with us, as we always fabricate more than our requirement, we thought of giving out these PCBs for free to Hobbyists and Makers. Each month we list a surplus PCB for giving out to some of You. Each month we give out around 5-10 PCBs.

Conditions :

  • You must contribute at least one project or article for ELECTROONS Blog. Your work will be published with your name and contact as Author.
Free PCBs for this month…You can choose any one of them and get it delivered at your doorstep without paying a single rupee.

Get PCB for USB Pryaog for FREE


Bare AVR Board PCB with Arduino PIN Mapping printed on Silkscreen

  • hello sir what i will have to publish in the article or in project and where i can post it

  • How do I order one of the free PCB’s ?
    I’m studying Electronics Engg. from Mumbai University (Third Year Sem-6).
    I have experience of working with 8051 Kit (P89V51RD2), Arduino (UNO (ATMega 8) ,Duemilanov (ATMega 328) freeduino (ATMega 328) as well.
    Some of my projects include Line follower, Hexapod, Obstacle n edge sensing bot, Computer controlled bot.
    Also I’m passionate of writing articles on my blog address


    • admin

      Hi, Deovrat

      Nice to see your Blog. You can get any of the Two PCBs listed in this page. As mentioned, you have to contribute an Article/Project/Tutorial to this blog which has not been published any where else and is your original Work. You can send us the Article/Project/Tutorial at We will go through the your Work and will let you know for further action.


  • Ritesh

    Dear sir,
    can i submit circuit diagram,description and code for the project.

  • Hi Devesh
    I see your project for DAQ in

    This is very good and complete. i have question and please help me:

    we have
    1-loadcell(normal) with mv output 2 quantity
    2-encoder 1 quantity
    3-torque meter with mv output

    possible we use from your board for monitor this equipment to pc?

    with email
    very important:
    we need read data from equipment in use mode on machine

  • Subrata Chakraborty

    Bare AVR Board PCB with Arduino PIN Mapping printed on Silkscreen

  • Devesh Samaiya

    Test comment

  • esp8266 IOT

    How to display Marathi on P10 LED display