Make in India for Indian Makers

Make In India – What it means to Indian Maker’s Community ?

Make in India for Indian Makers

Yesterday, Government of India, led by Prime minister Modi, announced the campaign “Make In India”. Yes! Read it again, it’s “Make in India” not “Made in India”. Clearly government is trying to attract manufacturers from around the world to come have a set up in India and make things here. but, what significance does it hold for the Maker Community of India?

  1. Opportunity for Skilled Makers - Makers are explorers, who are always on a quest to add more and more to their skill set. And when manufacturers from outside come here to make things they will need local makers and skilled engineers to achieve their goals here. Makers are self learners and highly motivated people and budding industry will certainly recognize the potential of these offbeat explorers.
  2. Supply of Parts and Equipment - It’s hard to get good quality electronic and mechanical parts in India. Since a major chunk of electronics market is situated in Delhi, Mumbai and to some extent Bangalore. Any maker who lives at a considerable distance from these hot spots fails to find suitable parts to prototype their ideas. As influx of more people into manufacturing will trigger production of all these scarce things, this in turn will create a production wave similar to China and the makers will be able to procure parts quickly and cheaply.
  3. Support to Innovation - As economy gains confidence, people will take risks and will invest more into innovation and research. Indian education system can provide high quality researchers at very low cost, we made $75 Million Mars mission, we have more than 6000 Engineering colleges in our country, it means an unlimited supply of people at all skill levels.
  4. Increased Purchasing Power - More manufacturing lead to more jobs, more jobs lead to more disposable income in hand. People will make things for fun, only when they have that extra penny to invest in experimentation, otherwise everyone will buy their bread and butter and not Arduino.
  5. Entrepreneurship - When these giant corporations in sectors like Automobile, Electronics, Textile etc. come here and set up their units, they will require number of small supplies and parts here and there. This provides a great opportunity for Indian Makers who can set up business around those requirements. Access to high-end current technology will encourage people to break their shell of contentment, learn and implement them in local problem solving.
  6. Infrastructure - As government sets up high bandwidth optical fiber information highways, more and more people will have high quality internet access. More people will come online to join the community of makers and contribute to the culture.

Though, it may take a long time before the cogs of this wheel of innovation is set into action, Prime minister was successful in imparting confidence in makers and do’ers. If everything goes well, we will observe a clearly visible change in the Maker culture in India within next 5-8 years.

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